How does it work?

Our unit uses discrete military-style design and components, working as a digitally tuned “Radar Listener”. The unit is programmed to scan and lock on the very same frequencies used by police radar enforced speed traps. The unit is extremely sensitive, often able to recognize radar signals from over two miles away (far beyond the range at which radar can clock a vehicle’s speed). The two most important elements of our unit are: sensitivity and selectivity; assuring drivers advanced speed trap warning- way before they police can clock there speed.

Is it legal?

Yes! The Ghost is completely legal to use in non-commercial vehicles in 49 states. Virginia and Washington DC are the only places in the United States that currently ban Radar detection and defense systems. The use of Radar detection methods and defense technology in commercial vehicles is prohibited in the U.S. since 1995 and such units are illegal in most Canadian provinces. Note: The unit comes pre-programmed with international frequencies and works almost everywhere outside the U.S. as well; however, the user should check legality in their state and local jurisdiction.

Should I worry about the Police detecting me using this unit?

No, our unit is equipped with discrete and proprietary Ghost™ immunity and neutralization circuitry; covering VG-2 radar detector detector (RDD) and current RDD systems- making your unit invisible to police detection systems at an ample range to adjust driving speed. If you are a commercial driver or intend to drive in Virginia or Washington DC you should not use our unit.

Note: law enforcement agencies upgrade and improve their systems; therefore, we strongly suggest not ignoring, and taking advantage of units software/hardware upgrades when available.

What are the differences between your unit and radar detector models?

Throughout the years, radar detector manufactures focused on introducing fancy features like custom memory setups, fancy voice alerts, and other bells and whistles. While those features are usable and nice, they normally have no contribution or improvement when it comes to detection and protection from speed traps, they do however have a negative contribution to your pocket! At RadarShield we have one mission! Alerting drivers as soon as we can possibly can when a speed trap is around; thereby, providing drivers enough time to adjust their driving speed before their vehicle is clocked. This is the only effort behind our technology and design, and where your money goes when purchasing a unit form us.

What is the Ticket Refund Program?

We are confident our unit will provide you with maximum possible protection no matter what road you are on or speed trap you maybe facing, therefore, if from some reason our unit fails to protect you during the first 12 month of your purchase we will fully refund your speeding ticket cost to you, some restrictions apply*.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes, we ship worldwide! Note: Customers outside the United States bear the responsibility for paying duty and associated importation charges as well as checking legality in their country. Some shipping carriers do not reach certain countries; in the event you selected a carrier that does not reach your destination please select a different carrier before your final checkout.

My unit went off but I did not see any police around?

Law enforcements agencies try to conceal their presence as much as possible- clearly; this is what a speed trap is all about! They may conceal their presence by hiding behind bushes, curved roads, use unmarked vehicles and the list goes on, therefore, we highly recommend slowing down even if you do not see where the trap is.

Note: Our units are programmed to work exclusively on the very same frequencies police uses, yet, some “electronic polluters” which use the same frequencies police does may cause our unit to false alert. This does not effect the unit and its performance and it is always better to slow down and be on the safe side than being sorry. Common sources of false alerts are automatic door openers and burglar alarms.