It works great!

I purchased The Ghost Pro a few months ago, and I started to use it in USA without problems at all, it works great!

– Arturo P.

The detection range on it is amazing...

I first want to say, I have owned the SkyEye Since November 0f 2012.  I own a 2013 5.0 Mustang Gt:, and my driving habits require protection to say the least:).  I read a few reviews about this, and I decided to try it, The first week I had this very intelligent device it saved me from a +300.00 ticket.  I  am extremely happy with its features.  It does everything I would want it to do, it even talks to you in a nice voice!  The detection range on it is amazing, and the settings to filter out what you don’t want to detect are great too.  Also I would say that seldom do you deal with Companies that treat you as well as these people treat their customers.  So if you are reading this and trying to make a decision, I would highly recommend the SkyEye 100%.

– Eric Muise

I love my Ghost Radar Detector

– Mary M.

I have been using a “Ghost” detector since I first purchased it in February, 2009.  I do a lot of open highway driving and my experience with the “Ghost” detector has been outstanding!  I regularly get warning sounds and later come upon a speed trap, but only after I’ve had a chance to ensure that my speed is within the posted limit.

I do not get a lot of false reads as I’ve seen a friend experience with a different brand detector.  It’s to the point where I really feel uncomfortable driving any distance without “The Ghost” leading the way.

Thanks, Radarshield, for a great product.  I’d recommend “The Ghost” to anyone who wants to avoid speeding tickets!

– Steve D. Philadelphia, Pa.

No false signals and lots of warning time.

Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your products!  What a difference between the Radar Shield and the others I have used….!  No false signals and lots of warning time.  I think overall it helps promotes safer driving.  In addition I really appreciate your guarantee and service as well as the personal attention.

Thanks Again!

– Stan Barrett

Love it.

I’m located in Hong Kong and have been using the Ghost Pro for over a year. Love it.

– Didier Li.