Customer Name: Mark P. G.

Comments: I have owned one of your radar detector for a number of years and absolutely love it. I have had no problems with it. My question to you is that I need a new set of suction cups for mounting on the windshield. Can you send me the original ones that fit this radar detector??? I have search several of the local auto parts stores and found nothing. I look foward to your reply. Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter. Mark

Mark, thank you for contacting RadarShield where you get the best protection on the road! We are glad to hear about your experience with our product.  To best serve you can you please send us an email with a picture of your unit, this way we will be able to set you with the right auction cups set.

The RadarShield Support Team

Customer Name: Mark P. G.

Thank you so much!!! You are the best!!!!!

Customer Name: Ellen

Comments: Dear Sir/Madame,

I had purchased the Ghost radar unit as a gift to myself last Christmas.  However, unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that I had to register the unit with you to enroll in the ticket protection program.  My purchase date is December 13, 2010 and the name of the purchaser is Ellen Hansen.  If you could kindly check into your records, you will see I purchased the unit directly from you.  I am attaching a copy of the citation – if there is anything  that can be done, if you can waive the registration requirement, I would really really appreciate it.

As an aside, but certainly of no less importance, I would like to say that I am always so impressed by the phenomenal customer service and post sales support RadarShield provides.  I have had the pleasure of speaking with Mike and Dave most recently and the support and guidance they provided makes me happy to be RadarShield customer!  It is very rare that a company offers this kind of service once a sale has been completed.

Thank you again for your ! kind consideration.

Best Regards,


Dear Ellen,

I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused by delayed reply to your case.  At RadarShield we always strive to provide superior customer support and help.

I have personally tracked your original order date, product registration and also took into consideration the fact that you had simply missed in good faith registering for the product ticket rebate program. Please understand that the reason we do that is both for customers future product update notifications, as well as our guarantee guidelines that we have to confirm that it is indeed the individual who owns the unit and all terms and conditions are in order. 

Based on our good faith and appreciation and clearly seeing that you are indeed a loyal customer I have decided to grant you a waver at this time and we will mail you a check for the entire amount of your ticket ($150.00) the check will be mailed to the address below, please let me know if there is any change to it.

As far as articles and opinions maliciously spread from bios competitors we are very well aware of it- but I think you would agree with me that you can find similar situations with just about any other product out there, I guess its part of being in business and we always try our best.

The RadarShield Support Team

Customer Name: Ellen

Comments: Dear Neal,

Thank you very much for granting me a waiver and for processing a reimbursement for $150, I really am appreciative and of course, shall remain your loyal customer.  The address you have noted below is correct  – do you know when the check will be mailed?  Also, would it help or be of any value to RadarShield  if I were to post a rebuttal to the negative online reviews once I receive the check? 

Happy Friday and thanks again!


Customer Name: Lorraine M.

Comments: Hi!

Thank you for your quick response! I would be happy to go onto your website and provide a testimonial for you!

I really appreciate you sending me a new base, free of charge :-)

Lorraine M.