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The Ghost


The Ghost is a revolutionary Police Radar Detector Guaranteed to be the best unit on the market today!*

The unit is 100% Effective against all Police Radar and Laser systems. It is also completely immune and invisible for police to detect.

  • 100% legal*
  • Installs in seconds
  • Military Technology
  • Lifetime Free Software Updates

Product Description

Guaranteed No speeding tickets, No points, No insurance Rate Hikes, No Traffic School, No more Headaches! And best of all it’s Perfectly Legal.*
Pays for itself the very first time it saves you!*


Save Big Now – No costly $449 “MSRP” You buy direct from RadarShield at wholesale!


Easy plug-and-play, Effective against all Police Radar and Laser systems, Guaranteed to outperform all other Radar Detector brands!*
You will never get stopped for speeding again, if The Ghost fails to protect you, we’ll pay you 100% of your speeding ticket!*


Try it and see for yourself! if it doesn’t perform as expected we will refund you money back.*
Once plugged, you won’t have to do anything else. The Ghost will be on the lookup for police speed traps far and behind their locking range, when a speed trap is detected the unit will promptly alert the driver to adjust driving speed accordingly.


The unit comes preprogrammed with the complete world-wide frequencies so you may take it abroad.
Easy plug and play and installs in seconds.
Comes with a 12 month Ticket Rebate Program(*)


Included Accesories


  • 12 V power wire


  • Windshield suction cup mount


  • User manual

(*) Limited time offer, some restrictions may apply. We do not advocate nor promote speedong or any other form of unsafe driving and advise you to always obey the law.

*Not legal in VA, DC and possibly other Jurisdictions. Specifications and terms may change at any time without notice.


  • Worldwide Protection – Covers all Police Radar and Laser speed measurement devices-including Ka “POP” mode 33.8Hz and KU bands.
  • Superior Long-Range wideband detection.
  • 360º Laser and Radar Detection.
  • Multi-Sensor Laser Protection.
  • Police Frequency Lock using high-end DSP – (Digital Signal Processing).
  • Advanced Ultra High sensitivity Super-heterodyne GaAs Fet technology, enabling up to ten times the detection range compared to other units.
  • Ghost™ technology- complete neutralization and “Invisible” to Police RDD – Spectre / VG2.
  • Easy to read- Distinguishable multi band coverage display.
  • Distinguished Radar and Laser audio alerts.
  • 12 Month Ticket Refund Program included! If you get a speeding ticket using the Ghsot We will refund the ticket cost to you. (*)
  • Intelligent Frequency mute.
  • Re-Programmable microchip technology for future updates.

Tech Specs

  • Wideband Detector:
    • Super-heterodyne, GaAs FET VCO
    • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Operating Bands
    • X-band 10.525 GHz ± 25 MHz / 9.9Ghz ± 25 MHz
    • K-band 24.15 / 24.125 GHz ± 100 MHz
    • Ka-band 34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz
    • Ku-band 13.45GHz ± 25MHz
    • Laser Bandwidth 800-1,100nm
  • Sensitivity Control: Highway, City
  • Display Control: 3 levels of Brightness
  • Power Requirements: 12 ~ 16V DC, 260mA
  • Dimensions: 2.75 x 4.23 x 1.34 “ (70.7 x 107.8 x 34.2 mm)